Wildfire Prevention Campaign

Governor Phil Bryant has declared March to be Wildfire Prevention Month. March has historically been one of the state’s highest wildfire occurrence months, due to it also being one of the windiest of the year. Thousands of acres of valuable timberland are damaged or lost, and the lives and property of citizens are endangered, all due to the destructive force of wildfire. Remember, it is up to everyone to do their part in preventing wildfire occurrences. Do not participate in any outdoor burning on windy days, request a burning permit, and be sure to check for active burn bans in your area before burning.

Click here to view a list of active burn bans organized by county.

If you are doing a timber or agricultural burn, you are advised to get a permit from the Mississippi Forestry Commission prior to burning.  Contact your local Central Dispatch Center to request a burning permit.

Please be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Type of burning (agriculture or forestry)
  • Number of acres
  • Forestry purpose (hazard reduction, control undesirable species, control disease, site prep, wildlife management, other)
  • Landowner name 
  • Person responsible for fire 
  • Address, Telephone number
  • Location of property (40, section, township and range)
  • Beginning / end date and time of fire

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